Creative Consulting

I?m passionate about helping small businesses, socially conscious brands, nonprofits, and individuals develop their brand in a way that inspires and builds community. Every story has its own unique heartbeat and tapping into that rhythm is, truly, one of my favorite parts of what I do. With a clear vision, authentic voice, and beautiful imagery, we can connect with your audience and build the brand you envisioned.

We can tackle anything from marketing strategies to social media management. Whether you?re looking to hone your voice, launch a campaign, or build something completely new, I?m confident we can create something special and accurately share your vision with the world. I love hearing about seasoned businesses and new ideas alike so don?t hesitate to reach out and share your masterplan.

Content Creation

I learned how to create valuable content out of necessity when I co-founded City Scout Magazine in 2014 (because, turns out, when you run a magazine, people kind of want cool content). I spent the following 3 years focusing my efforts on content development, art direction, and social media. From brainstorming and strategizing to actual media creation and copywriting, I know how to create engaging and shareable content. I always have content ideas floating around so if you?re a business or brand that is looking for articles, blog posts, or social media support, let?s connect.


How you share your idea with the world is crucial to its success. I love working with small businesses and conscientious brands to create a unique and effective marketing blueprint. I combine various forward-thinking marketing strategies to attract your target audience while presenting a clear and cohesive brand. We can focus our efforts on your brand identity or tackle the whole monster with events, collaborations, and social media. I?d love to talk with you about your project to see if we?d be a good fit. Share your marketing woes with me here!

Social Media

Your social media is one of your most important marketing tools, essentially a direct message to your ideal customer, but only if you?re using it right. Beautiful imagery is powerful and an essential part of my social media packages. I offer everything from Instagram classes to social media management and media support. My goal is to teach myself out of a job; I want to help you set up a structure that you can maintain yourself. Don’t panic, if you’re looking for someone to take it completely off of your hands, I can help with that as well.?If your social media is the last thing on your to-do list, I highly recommend connecting with someone who can help you wrangle the madness and set up a structure that?s manageable. I?d love to hear the ins and outs of your social media struggles. Message me and we?ll chat all about it.